About SimplicIT

SimplicIT provides managed IT services and consulting to businesses across the state of Ohio.  We pride ourselves not only in our deep technical knowledge, but in our business focused approach to IT management.

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SimplicIT Leadership

Jeremy Shoup


Providing professional and affordable IT services is Jeremy’s goal for all of his clients.  He has worked in the IT consulting and managed services industry for 10+ years supporting both for-profit and non-profit businesses.  Jeremy started his career providing managed IT services to small to medium sized businesses, becoming familiar with their specific needs and struggles from an IT perspective.  He then moved into consulting and supporting large enterprise solutions, specifically focusing on core infrastructure computing (servers, virtualization, networking, storage, backup, etc.)   

Jeremy’s goal in starting SimplicIT was to take all of his experience supporting large enterprise IT deployments and apply the same structure and automation to small/medium/large businesses. Providing stable, reliable, enterprise grade infrastructure at a fraction of the normal cost is a core tenet of the company that Jeremy strives to provide to every customer.

Mitch Culbert

Vice President

With a passion for customer service, Mitch Culbert prides himself on building strong, lasting client relationships. Understanding that every business is unique, Mitch takes the time to listen and comprehend each organization's specific needs and challenges. Through open communication and a client-centric approach, Mitch ensures that every IT journey is tailored to maximize efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction.

At the heart of Mitch's expertise lies the belief that technology should not be a hindrance but a catalyst for business growth. Mitch possesses a keen ability to align IT solutions with companies' strategic objectives, leveraging technology to enable smooth workflows, optimize operations, and streamline processes. Whether revamping infrastructure, implementing new software, or integrating the latest innovations, Mitch ensures that technology becomes an enabler, empowering businesses to reach new heights.

In today's digital landscape, cybersecurity is paramount for every organization. With the latest knowledge and best practices, Mitch proactively assesses and strengthens security measures to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential breaches. The trust and safety of clients' digital assets are paramount, and Mitch goes above and beyond to create robust and comprehensive cybersecurity strategies.